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Mzansi is not your ordinary a la carte restaurant.

We showcase the traditional Xhosa meal – buffet style – the real authentic south african Xhosa meal!

We don´t have any cooks – but 4 local Mama´s – that way you are sure to have an authentic and amazing traditional restaurant meal.

Traditional Restaurant Cape Town

Bookings are essential – we are not a walk-in restaurant. Please contact us for availability.

Authentic 13 dish Mzansi buffet

Price is R320 pp and it includes the following dishes:

Chakalaka Salad,Greek salad,
Broccoli and Cranberries,
Mama’s Coleslaw,
Grilled Chicken,
Traditional IsiXhosa Beef Stew,
Roasted Root Vegetable,
Umngqusho (samp and beans),
Umxhaxha (Butternut mixed with Corn Mealies wrapped with Aubergine)
Mzansi’s spinach & Mushrooms,
Crispy Potatoes,
Savoury rice
Malva Pudding for dessert


Excludes drinks and gratuity

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Special needs

Corresponding price ranges are customizable.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we will accommodate you.

Traditional Restaurant Cape Town