Served buffet style, Mzansi cuisine show-cases the traditional Xhosa meal (such as Umbhako and inqina, chicken feet) but also reflects other influences, seen in the chicken curry and vegetable lasagna. We also offer Braai, sheep head, and free-range chicken by request. The menu, services, and corresponding price ranges are customizable.
Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we will accommodate you.
Most meals include water and juice; other select bever-ages are available for an additional fee.



Full Menu (Buffet)
* Umbhako (Baked Bread), Salads: Broccoli & Feta, Sweet Potatoes & Peppers
* Meat: Traditional Beef Stew and Grilled Chicken
* Veggies: Umxhaxha (Butternut mixed with Corn Mealies wrapped with Aubergine)
* Creamed Spinach and roasted Root Veggies
*Starch Umngqusho (samp and beans) Rice
* Dessert (Malva pudding served with custard)
* Juice and water included

Alternative Menu (Buffet)
* Meat: choice of Beef Stew or Grilled Chicken
* Creamed Spinach and roasted Root Veggies
* Starch: Samp and Beans or Rice
* Juice and water for sale

Braai Menu
* Meat: Lamb Braai Chops, Chicken portions and Sausage
* Salads: Chakalaka, Broccoli & Feta Cheese, Sweet Potatoes & Peppers
* Starch-flavoured Mealie Meal Pap
* Vegetarian Options: All the above salads, Pap, Vegetarian Lasagna, and Greek Salad
* Juice and water included